What really nourishes you?

Before I went to nutrition school, I thought of nourishment mostly in terms of food only. But then I discovered the concept of primary food versus secondary food and my desire to work with clients holistically was sealed! Why? Because I learned that real health happiness requires nourishment on all levels – mind, body and soul – and that the excitement and joy of daily life can feed us more completely than any food, if we let it.

Not convinced? Think about a couple in the early throws of love, a child playing joyfully with friends outside, a passionate entrepreneur focused on a work project… They are all being fuelled by non-food sources of nourishment.

Primary food goes beyond the plate, nurturing us on a deeper level. It relates to our emotional health and covers four main areas: career, relationships, physical activity and spirituality – all of which play an important role in human happiness.

On the other hand, secondary food refers to the actual nutrients we consume. These matter (a lot) too, because food impacts how we think, feel and act every second of every day. Food also has an incredible power to harm or heal and is therefore first point of call for any health transformation. But ultimately the two aspects work together, and both are necessary for harmony.

As you progress on your health journey, you’ll find that the more primary food you give yourself, the more fulfilled and satisfied with life you’ll be, and the less you’ll depend on secondary food to fill any voids.

So, which areas of your life want attention? And what do you need to feel balanced, healthy, happy and whole?

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